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Getting Started

Begin your Hotel Search by selecting the region of your destination. For cities from San Francisco and North choose  San Francisco Reservations and for destinations South of San Francisco choose  Silicon Valley Reservations. Hotels near or around the San Francisco International Airport will be accessible through both systems.

Selection Criteria

Using the Criteria Based Search, you will identify your requirements including, travel dates, price range, location, type of hotel and required services and amenities.

You can conduct a broad search by only identifying location, type of hotel and price range. Or you can refine your search by being very specific about your preferences. If you see the message, "There were no matches to your search", then your search was too narrow. We recommend broadening your search by removing some of your preferences.

You may choose how the search will be displayed. The default is to sort the hotels by the  Value Index™ rating which shows which hotel provides the best over all value based on the criteria you have selected.

Search Results

Hotels that fit your criteria will be listed. The list will show each hotels'  Value Index™, name, location and type. It will also indicate the rates and availability offered for your travel dates. Gold Bars are used to indicate the relative price range for the specific hotels.

Hotel Choices

To view information about the Hotels that fit your search criteria click on the Hotel Name. You will be able to see specific rates and room types available. A full description and photos are displayed to help you make the best decision on where to stay. 

Click on "Reserve A Room" at any time to book your selection.

SBR Reservation Number

After you have completed your reservation request form you will receive a reference number. This number verifies your booking with us. This helps us track your booking within our system. Your SBR number may be used when discussing your reservation with one of our Reservation Specialists.

The hotel where you have made a reservation also generates a confirmation number. This is the number they use to track your booking in their system. Please note that this number is not necessary to check-in at the hotel. Through our strong relationships with our Hotel Partners, many hotels will honor our SBR number in the same way they accept their own confirmation numbers. However when confirming a reservation with the hotel directly it is best to use your last name and arrival date unless you have the Hotel Confirmation number with you.

To change or cancel a reservation please call (877) 243-8072 or e-mail resdesk@hotelres.com.

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